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Gunfighting 101
Precision Long Range 2 with Match Grade Precision August 29, 2018 Last weekend I took the Precision Long Range 2 class from Match Grade Precision, taught by Matt Howard and Chris Long. Back in May, I took Precision Close Quarter Battle: The Study August 9, 2018 I recently had a chance to take Close Quarter Battle: The Study from Roger Phillips and “Ninpo Student.” I’d taken a CQB class from Roger several Precision Long Range 1 with Match Grade Precision May 14, 2018 I recently had the chance to take the Precision Long Range 1 course from Match Grade Precision, taught by Matt Howard and Chris Long. My impetus Benefits of team tactics training for the solo gunfighter April 15, 2018 There was recently some debate recently on the Paragon Pride forum about the usefulness of team tactics courses for the individual citizen. The CQB Fundamentals with Eric Dorenbush April 3, 2018 Recently I had the opportunity to take a CQB Fundamentals class from Eric Dorenbush of Green Eye Tactical. Eric is a former Delta operator, so CQB Close Quarters Marksmanship with Eric Dorenbush March 21, 2018 When I took the Night Vision Operator class with Eric Dorenbush of Green Eye Tactical last year, one of the things that really impressed me was the Night Vision Operator with Eric Dorenbush January 3, 2018 I first got a night vision optic several years ago. I played around with it, even took it out to the desert and shot with it once. It was readily 2017 Montana Hunting Trip AAR November 14, 2017 For several years my friend Eric has been inviting me to come to Montana to hunt with him. This year I finally went ahead and put in for the drawing APA Training Group Advanced Carbine 2 with Dave Bonn October 16, 2017 As I mentioned in my review of Advanced Carbine 1, immediately after that class I signed up for the follow on Advanced Carbine 2 class. I ran the APA Training Group Advanced Carbine 1(.5) with Dave Bonn September 27, 2017 Last Sunday I attended APA Training Group’s Advanced Carbine 1 course, taught by David Bonn. I ran across the APA website a couple of years ago when Vehicle Operations with Eric Pfleger September 12, 2016 This was a class that I’d been looking forward to for a long while and it did not disappoint. My primary rifle for this class was my FS2000. Not Total Gunfighter with Eric Pfleger April 27, 2016 I recently had the opportunity to attend Eric Pfleger’s Total Gunfighter class in Paradise, MT. This was a three day multi-platform class covering Rifle for Gunfighters with Colby Rupert and Roger Phillips April 9, 2016 Last weekend I took Rifle for Gunfighters with Colby Rupert and Roger Phillips. Roger announced this class back in January at the Fight Focused Fight Focused Marksmanship with Roger Phillips February 3, 2016 Last weekend I took Roger Phillips’ Fight Focused Handgun IV: Fight Focused Marksmanship. Roger has been talking about teaching some sort of sighted Shotgun Gunfighting with John Chambers September 5, 2015 I recently took a pair of classes from John Chambers down in Texas. Saturday was Vehicle Gunfighting, which was a great class (you can read about it Vehicle Gunfighting with John Chambers August 7, 2015 Last weekend I headed down to Texas for a couple of classes from John Chambers. We did Vehicle Gunfighting on Saturday and Defensive Shotgun on Longrifle with Eric Pfleger July 9, 2015 Over 4th of July weekend I took Eric Pfleger’s Longrifle class. The class was at Thunder Valley Precision in eastern Ohio, the same venue where I Wilderness Warrior Weekend June 28, 2015 Last weekend I took the Wilderness Warrior Weekend class from Greg Nichols, John Chambers, and Sua Sponte near Kirksville, Missouri. I’ll just say The Role of the Trunk Rifle May 25, 2015 This is an article that I wrote about four years ago. I breifly mentioned my thoughts on trunk guns in a thread on Paragon Pride a few weeks ago and Suarez International Tritium Suppressor Sights April 16, 2015 I recently got a pair of Suarez International v3.0 Suppressor Tritium Front and Rear Sights (that’s quite a mouthful). These are suppressor height Next page