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Gunfighting 101
Carbine Vitals I with Daniel Shaw Nov 24, 2014 Last Saturday I took Thunderbird Tactical’s Carbine Vitals I course taught Daniel Shaw. Carbine Vitals I is a one-day basic carbine class. I took it Pathfinder, Recce, & Man Tracking with Eric Pfleger Sep 5, 2014 This weekend I attended Eric Pfleger’s Pathfinder, Recce, Man Tracking Operations class. I’ve trained with Eric several times before, including Gun Safe Furniture Aug 19, 2014 No, not the clever furniture you can buy that conceals a gun safe. I’m talking about “furniture” that goes in your gun safe. I’ve long said that Book Review - Applied Ballistics for Long Range Shooting Jul 28, 2014 Traditionally, external ballistics has been a subject rife with myths and “voodo” in the shooting community. Often poorly understood, information Book Review - Handloading for Competition Jul 21, 2014 As I mentioned in my previous book review, I’m in the process of getting into handloading rifle rounds for precision. While I have some handloading Book Review - Metallic Cartridge Handloading Jun 24, 2014 I’ve recently been getting back into handloading. Specifically getting into handloading rifle rounds for precision. In the past I’ve reloaded pistol The Indian and the Arrow Jun 18, 2014 There is a tendency for some new students of the rifle to get caught up in the vast variety of hardware available today. Rather than getting out and Advanced Fight Focused Drills with Roger Phillips Jun 18, 2014 This was a truly excellent class. While many know Roger for his advocacy of point shooting and his excellent writing, one of the things that has Extreme Night Fighter Week with Roger Phillips Apr 2, 2014 Las week I participated in Roger Phillips’ Extreme Night Fighter Week. Opportunities to train seriously in low light are few and far between. I’ve DMR-3 Patrol Phase with John Chambers Mar 4, 2014 Last week I spent five days out in Coleman, Texas at John Chambers’ DMR-3 Patrol Phase class. I’ve been to several of John’s designated marksman Is Scanning Really an After Action Drill? Jan 27, 2014 Over on the Paragon Pride forums Roger Phillips posted a thread about After Action Drills that raised the utility of a quick check left and right Fight Focused Handgun III – Point Shooting Concepts with Roger Phillips Jan 26, 2014 Last weekend I attended Roger Phillips’ Point Shooting Concepts course in Las Vegas. I had a great time. Just to get it out of the way for those 2014 SHOT Show Day 4 Jan 18, 2014 Today was the last day of the SHOT show. Having walked the entire show floor in the previous days, there wasn’t much I hadn’t seen today. I did go 2014 SHOT Show Day 3 Jan 17, 2014 I’d seen just about everything on Level 2 yesterday, including the main exhibit hall. Today I dropped down to Level 1 and the secondary exhibit 2014 SHOT Show Day 2 Jan 16, 2014 Today was the second day of the SHOT show, and my first full day. Rather than my more targeted booth visits from yesterday, today I decided to just 2014 SHOT Show, Day 1 Jan 15, 2014 Today was the first day of the Shooting Hunting and Outdoor Trade Show (the SHOT Show), the firearms industry’s main trade show. This is my first Shut It! Jan 11, 2014 Much debate has centered around the reliability of the AR platform. In particular, the idea that, “It shits where it eats” (that the direct Handgun Calibers Jan 5, 2014 As a companion to my article on Caliber and Terminal Ballistics, I’d like to present a brief overview of common handgun calibers. The 9mm Luger Caliber and Terminal Ballistics Jan 5, 2014 Debates over caliber and terminal ballistics seem to be one of gun guys’ favorite pastimes. If you hang around any gun shop you will find guys DVD Review: Viking Tactics Streetfighter Part I Jan 4, 2014 Recently, I was placing an online order with Bravo Company and I noticed they had the Kyle Lamb’s Streetfighter DVD. His book, Green Eyes Black Next page