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2014 SHOT Show Day 4

Chris Upchurch

Today was the last day of the SHOT show. Having walked the entire show floor in the previous days, there wasn't much I hadn't seen today. I did go back and see a few things that interested me a second time, and checked out some stuff I hadn’t paid much attention to the first time I saw them.

One of the coolest things I saw today, probably one of the coolest of the show, period, is My Lab Radar. This is a replacement for a standard chronograph that uses radar to measure bullet velocity, rather than the traditional setup with two sensors. It is supposed to be much more accurate and not prone to setup errors or environmental conditions they way a traditional chronograph can be. It can also measure bullet velocity out to 100 yards, which means it should be useful for calculating ballistic coefficients in addition to muzzle velocity. It can display data itself or communicate with a PC or tablet via USB or bluetooth. For your own private ballistic radar system, cost is just $500.

If you're showing scopes with illuminated reticles, you really should just proactively change the batteries after each day of the show. I encountered several with dead batteries today, and heard multiple people mentioning it. Compared to even one lost sale of an illuminated optic, batteries are cheap.

I had a chance to try the Chiapas Rhino revolver (a DA revolver with the barrel at the 6 o’clock position rather than the 12 o’clock). Nice gun with surprisingly good ergonomics. The double action trigger pull left something to be desired, however.

That’s it for the SHOT show. It was a very fun experience and I’m glad I finally had a chance to come. Hopefully I’ll be able to make it again next year.