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Gunfighting 101 is a textbook on fighting with firearms. It will take the reader from the absolute basics — “What kind of handgun should I get?” — to advanced topics like low-light fighting and CQB.

There are plenty of books out there on how to shoot. Many cover the basics. Some address more advanced techniques. There are even a few that look beyond just shooting and really address how to fight with firearms. None of them is truly comprehensive. The student is left to piece together a complete skill set from a variety of sources, working their way through incompatible techniques and contradicting doctrines from a hodgepodge of different authors. The goal of Gunfighting 101 is to create a unified whole, as comprehensive as possible. A single set of written instruction covering different weapon systems and situations that emphasizes common techniques and concepts from the most basic to the most advanced.

The Blog

In addition to the ongoing development of the Gunfighting 101 textbook, I also occasionally blog about hardware, self-defense techniques, or whatever gun-related strikes my fancy.

About the author

My name is Chris Upchurch. I have never served in a high-speed low-drag military unit. I've never been a member of a SWAT team. What I am is an ordinary citizen who has taken a great deal of time and effort to become an expert in some unusual skill sets. Now my goal is passing these skills on to other people through writing and training.


The content of this site owes a great deal to many people, chief among them Neil Hood, Gabe Suarez, John Farnam, Alex Nieuwland, Randy Harris, Tom Sotis, Roger Phillips, Eric Pfleger, John Meade and John Chambers. Every one of them added substantially to my knowledge of how to fight with a firearm and opened my eyes to things that I had not even known were possible before.

Training resume

Suarez International

Gabe Suarez

Close Range Gunfighting

Force on Force

Close Range Rifle Gunfighting

Combat Pistol Instructor School

0-5 feet Pistol Gunfighting

Kalashnikov Rifle Marksmanship

Advanced Kalashnikov Rifle Gunfighting (twice)

Kalashnikov Rifle Force on Force

CQB: Fighting in Structures

CQB Instructor Course

Team Tactics

Guerrilla Sniper II

Randy Harris

Snub-nose Seminar

Extreme Close Range Gunfighting

0-5 feet Pistol Gunfighting

Low Light Force on Force

Glock Armorer

Karl Johnson

Trauma Care for Shooters

Roger Phillips

Point Shooting Progressions

Advanced Point Shooting Progressions

Long Gun Point Shooting Progressions (twice)

Alex Nieuwland

Shotgun Gunfighting

Dynamics of the Shotgun (twice)

Steve Baron

Applegate Combat Point Shooting System

Eric Pfleger

Guerrilla Sniper

Team Tactics

Ryan Acuff

AR15/M4 Armorer

John Meade

Trauma Medicine for the CCW Operator (twice)

Advanced Trauma Medicine

Scott Vandiver

Guerrilla Sniper

Keith Seto

Trauma Medicine for the CCW Operator

Jack Rumbaugh

Terrorist/Active Shooter Interdiction

John Chambers

M4 Sniper Week - Designated Marksman School

M4 Sniper - DMR

DMR-3 Patrol Phase

Shotgun Gunfighting

Vehicle Gunfighting

Greg Nichols

Wilderness Warrior Weekend

Defense Training International (John Farnam)

Fighting with a Handgun

Defensive Urban Rifle

DTI Instructor Course

Fight Focused Concepts (Roger Phillips)

FFH-3 Point Shooting Concepts

Extreme Night Fighter Week

FFH-7 Advanced Fight Focused Drills

FFH-4 Fight Focused Marksmanship

Rifle for Gunfighters (with Colby Rupert)

Close Quarters Battle: The Study (with Ninpo Student)

FFH-3 The Reactive Gunfight

Pfleger Martial (Eric Pfleger)

Pathfinder, Recce, & Man Tracking

Longrifle (twice)

Total Gunfighter

Vehicle Operations

Rural Scout Sniper

Full Contact Gunfighter 1

Full Contact Gunfighter 2

CQB Entry/Breaching

Thunderbird Tactical (Daniel Shaw)

Carbine Vitals I

Rifleman Squad Member

Carbine Vitals II

APA Training (David Bonn)

Advanced Carbine 1

Advanced Carbine 2

Green Eye Tactical (Eric Dorenbush)

Night Vision Operator

Close Quarters Marksmanship

CQB Fundamentals

Intermediate CQB

Match Grade Precision

Precision Long Range 1 (twice)

Precision Long Range 2

Range 54

Shooting in Low Light

Shaw Strategies (Daniel Shaw)

Carbine Vitals

Massad Ayoob Group

MAG-20 Classroom

AMOK! (Tom Sotis)

Accessing Under Attack

Tactical Counter Footwork

Functional Traps and Snares

Managing the Kill-Zone

Disarming Using Edged Weapons

Knife vs. Knife

In-Fight Accessing

American Tactical Shooting Association

2010 National Tactical Invitational

National Rifle Association

Basic Instructor Training

Basic Pistol Instructor

Training courses taught

Introduction to Defensive Pistol

Combat Pistol Marksmanship

Advanced Combat Pistol Marksmanship

Defensive Pistol Skills

Point Shooting Gunfight Skills

Combat Rifle Marksmanship

Advanced Combat Rifle Marksmanship

Fighting Rifle Skills

Rifle Gunfighting

CQB: Fighting in Structures