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Gunfighting 101
DVD Review: Viking Tactics Streetfighter Part I Jan 4, 2014 Recently, I was placing an online order with Bravo Company and I noticed they had the Kyle Lamb’s Streetfighter DVD. His book, Green Eyes Black Optics and Getting What You Pay For Jan 2, 2014 All right, I’ll admit it. I’m a bit of a snob when it comes to optics. I like good rifle scopes, good binoculars, good spotting scopes, and good What's the Mission? Dec 29, 2013 Yesterday, a poster on Warriortalk asked for an optic recommendation for his SIG 556. My reply was quite succinct: “Intended role?” As a matter of Heine Sights Dec 22, 2013 This morning I put a new set of Heine sights on a Glock 19. While I am definitely a red dot convert, not all of my fighting pistols have red dot Choosing Your First Handgun Dec 22, 2013 There is no perfect handgun. We would all like something that’s light, compact, and easy to carry, has enough power to stop an assailant in his Lessons from the New Jersey mall shooting Nov 6, 2013 From a LEO who responded to the recent shooting at a New Jersy mall, via John Farnam: I will never again look at a mannequin in quite the same Introduction to Foundations of Pistol Gunfighting Nov 3, 2013 Welcome to the Foundations of Pistol Gunfighting — the first section of Gunfighting 101. This section is designed to teach the fundamentals of