Gunfighting 101 |||

Last weekend I attended Roger Phillips’ Point Shooting Concepts course in Las Vegas. I had a great time. Just to get it out of the way for those expecting something a little longer from me, Roger asked that students limit the amount of detail in our AARs (and not take any pics) until his current legal situation is resolved. So I will be rather more brief than usual.

The class was quite well attended, and I saw plenty of old friends from previous classes in Las Vegas and Arizona. We did have some students from further afield, including one who had traveled all the way from Kansas.

For those who have attended Roger’s old point shooting class, he has revised the curriculum. The fundamentals are still the same and are covered in just as much depth, but he has refined the way he teaches certain things and added some new stuff. In particular there’s more dry practice of certain elements and he’s brought in some drills that were formerly part of the advanced class (the advanced class will be revised to concentrate more on full ambidexterity).

In addition to the revised curriculum we had a very squared away group of shooters, most of whom had trained with Roger before, and were (just barely) able to fit everyone into one big relay (except for the movement drills, which are run one or two students at a time for safety reasons). This meant that the class moved along at quite a brisk pace, giving plenty of time for discussion and allowing Roger to fit in an extra couple of drills at the end.

Roger did a great job delivering the material and providing students with individual coaching. Despite the newly revised curriculum everything flowed together smoothly and all the drills were well thought out.

I brought about 1400 rounds to this class so I could shoot without regard to ammunition expenditure, and while I wasn’t deliberately trying to run up my round count, I shot freely on every drill. I ended up shooting about 900 rounds.

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