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From a LEO who responded to the recent shooting at a New Jersy mall, via John Farnam:

I will never again look at a mannequin in quite the same way! They are extremely lifelike, and all of them look like suspects. I’m surprised a few weren’t shot. Several nearly were!

Mirrors are everywhere and cause no end of confusion! More than one LEO was startled by his own reflection!

With indoor shopping malls, skylights are numerous as are windows and glass doors, and, when helicopters are requested to light-up the roof, multiple light-sources, and associated reflections, wreak havoc on one’s ability to perceive what is going on around them. It’s like being in a carnival haunted house!’

Up next Introduction to Foundations of Pistol Gunfighting Welcome to the Foundations of Pistol Gunfighting — the first section of Gunfighting 101. This section is designed to teach the fundamentals of Choosing Your First Handgun
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